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We at take the trust of our consumers very seriously and consider them to be vital to our business relationships. Building confidence and maintaining it are vital to the corporate structure. We will never compromise on the protection of any personal information associated with our customers that may be sent across the internet or leaked in any way and will take serious action to prevent this from happening.

Site access permissions

A website that is exclusively designed for adults. The content is not designed, developed or employed to appeal to users under the age of 18, 21, or to users in a particular region. Our policy prohibits us from collecting personal information about any underage users. As we have already stated, this website is not designed for those under the age of legal smoking, and such minors should not submit any information about themselves on this page.

Data we collect

It is up to you whether or not to leave information on our website when you use it. If you are browsing the site, no data collection takes place, but in some other cases, your personal information may be required during your visit. Aside from that, collects analytics data to help you.

The information you provide to us on our website is kept anonymous as possible to ensure its security. Our team gets an understanding of the performance of our website through your provided data and works to improve it. has no affiliation with Philip Morris International (PMI). This is not official website of PMI and IQOS.